darling was never meant to be what it is. it started as an EP to justify the release of the title track with a few covers, maybe another original... but once the track was finished i kept looking through the tracks i had been making, both before and after darling, and realised that what was being made couldn't be called an EP. i was (and still am) very reluctant to call it a record but there may be a justifcation to that term made soon. time shall tell. either way, this release is a culmination of all the work that has been happening behind closed doors finally seeing the light of day, and i'm very glad to be able to put out music again. featuring art by the wonderful wanda rosyln, and the first time another artist has ever appeared on one of these projects, with my eternal praise to the both.

influences at the time::

earl sweatshirt
mindless self indulgence
bon iver
the dismemberment plan



everything and the moon (ft. teilo mateja)
hand crushed by a mallet
tripping out
maybe forever
jesus is lord
hard to keep
i am mental [bonus]