codemirror was the first series of releases under these projects, far back in 2014/15. the EP collection is (obviously) a collection of the 3 individual EPs released throughout the year 2015, spurred on by an "aquirement" of FL studio, the daw of choice until clarissa came along. the first two of these EPs were pretty much the first forays into actual music writing the Creator had, even if it was 2009 youtube-core worship, with a HARD change in style coming for the third one due to the discovery of the streets (remember; JUNGLE IS MASSIVE) and a desire to create something as hard as any given cut from original pirate material or a grand don't come for free. each of the EPs got released seperately as they had been finished, but were eventually remixed, redone in places (particularly in the first EP, as most of the sounds used were the ever lovely, crispy stock FL sounds) and "mastered", with the addition of three bonus tracks; "blank future", "floating on clouds", and "blank", with a hidden ambient guitar-based track as a download exclusive. the project was almost immediately discontinued after the release of the collection, however the reason escapes memory at this time. a common theme, as these pages show.

influences at the time::

yung lean
the streets
(for the last EP, anyway.)
yung lean